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Fantasy Stats Product

Key Features

The Bayes Fantasy Stats Product provides game data aggregations for fantasy gaming purposes. Fantasy teams of different players can be analysed as one unit with fresh and reliable data.

Aggregated statistics provide high-level overviews of players and custom fantasy teams, matched with real game results.

Live Fantasy team updates keep the statistics of fantasy teams with various players updated to match the latest tournaments in real time.

Direct API access makes integration easy and efficient. There is no bulky live data to handle.

Available Statistics

Some available aggregations include:

  • player statistics (K/D, assists...)
  • team statistics (kill count, dragons...)
  • live match summaries for ongoing games
  • fixture information for upcoming games

Fantasy teams' statistics can be updated using this data while live matches and tournaments continue in real time. A virtual team created with professional players can be tracked as a Fantasy team with its own statistics and aggregations that match live results.