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What is Bayes Live Data

Live Data is a Bayes Esports product aiming to provide customers with granular live data of esports matches with minimal delay. We get the data from the official sources and convert it into a unified format that is called Live Data Message (description of the data format).


Currently we support three major esports titles: Counter-Strike, Dota 2 and League of Legends. Learn more on how to receive the data and integrate it into your system in the Getting Started section.

Transport Technology

Live Data uses RabbitMQ open-source message broker for external data communication. RabbitMQ is a mature and widespread technology with excellent support in any modern programming language. Consumers won’t miss the messages if they are disconnected for short periods (for example during code deployment, or a brief network outage), while configured TTL makes sure that unattended queues won’t waste system resources.