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What is Bayes Live Odds?

Bayes Live Odds is an esports odds marketplace that provides access to the esports odds data from multiple market-leading providers via a single integration.

Most odds providers focus on traditional sports and treat esports as a niche product. Traders unfamiliar with esports close markets more often because they misunderstand game events. This leads to customers' dissatisfaction and lost revenue.

Bayes Live Odds allows you to maximise the coverage and quality of your betting offering by mixing odds feeds from curated esports providers.

Data from Specialised Esports Providers

Each esports title is unique and requires trading and data science teams with models of their own. Unlike traditional sports, the rules of each esports title change multiple times a year. Both data science models and traders need to be retrained.

Just like being a good football trader doesn't make you good at trading tennis, being good at trading FIFA doesn't make you a good Counter-Strike trader. That's why Bayes Esports works with multiple specialist providers with in-depth knowledge and a deeper understanding of each esports title. Through Bayes Live Odds you get access to the in-depth knowledge and expertise of all of our providers at once.

A high-level diagram of Bayes Live Odds. Customers can access provider's data seamlessly.A high-level diagram of Bayes Live Odds. Customers can access provider's data seamlessly.

Key Features

One Universal API

Bayes Live Odds parses the different formats of various providers' feeds into a single unified format. Bayes Live Odds customers can consume odds from any provider with a single API. This makes Bayes Live Odds the last esports integration you will ever need.

Maximize Coverage

Each odds provider provides limited coverage of the content calendar. Reasons for this may include limited resources of the trading team, regional preferences of the provider, and beyond.

Bayes Live Odds facilitates synergy between multiple providers, giving you combined access to all their trading and data science resources.

Coming Next — Mix Markets

Go one step further and provide a unique offering to your clients by combining markets from different providers into a single odds feed. You can get mainstream markets from the time-tested provider, and flash markets from promising data science startups.