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What is Bayes Video?

Bayes Video is a live-streaming service that specializes in providing official video streams of esports events.

Bayes Video OverviewBayes Video Overview

To meet the specific needs of its core audience, Bayes Video offers two distinct options for accessing esports streams:

  • Bayes Video for Traders (BVT) allows traders to watch live streams directly on the Bayes Video website, with minimal delay. This option provides traders with up-to-the-minute information of the game action, which is critical for making informed trading decisions in a rapidly evolving market.
  • Bayes Video for Bettors (BVB) offers betting and media companies the ability to embed delayed Bayes Video streams on their websites using the Bayes Video API. This option allows our customers to offer their users high-quality, official video streams of esports events, which can help attract and retain users in a highly competitive industry.


Streams from Official Sources

We receive the video streams of the main esports events directly from the tournament organizers. That ensures the stream is of high quality and has minimal delay.

With Bayes Video, you will get access to all official streams in one place.

Minimal Delay Live Streaming

Live streams on Bayes Video website (BVT product) have a low delay of just 5 seconds, allowing traders to quickly make decisions depending on in-game action.

Note: minimal delay is only a feature of BVT. The embedded product (BVB) will always have a constant delay.

Integration with Bayes Fixtures

As a customer of Bayes Video, you will receive access to Bayes Fixtures, which will provide you with the most accurate information about the streamed match.

Embedded Streams (coming soon)

You will be able to use Bayes Video API to embed the live streams on your website. Along with the API, we will offer a customizable Web-player for seamless integration.