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Bayes Live Match Predictions and Settlements

What are Bayes Live Match Predictions?

Bayes Live Match Predictions is a probabilities-as-a-service stream that provides live probabilities of game events. Bayes Live Match Predictions enables customers to calculate betting odds with higher accuracy and offer more agile betting options.

Bayes Live Match Predictions is compatible with all other BEDEX offerings and uses the same pipeline and API. Customers who are using Bayes Live Trader Dashboard will automatically have access to Bayes Live Match Predictions. The Bayes Live Match Predictions-stream is integrated there with access to a selection of markets and probabilities.

Currently, predictions are available for Counter-Strike, CS2, LoL and DotA2.

Why choose Bayes Live Match Predictions?

Industry-specific data — Bayes has exclusive access to the largest portfolio of official live data in the industry. We train our models on the best data available.

Fine-tuned game modelling — Esports titles are constantly undergoing changes, patches, and updates. Bayes retrains models to fit new scenarios and features of these games.

A 99% prediction uptime — This speed allows sportsbooks to offer more live betting options like individual round winners or next objective taken.

BEDEX compatibility and cross-product referencing — Bayes Live Match Predictions messages include a unique identifier that links them to Live Data messages. Customers can leverage both products together.

What are Bayes Live Match Settlements?

Bayes Live Match Settlements accompany our Bayes Live Match Predictions stream and offer settlements to all markets which we have generated probabilties for.

It uses a similar message format containing the same names and specifiers as the probabilities stream and is a fully stateful offering. This means even if you miss a few of those messages, you will be able to settle all markets you might have missed once you get the next one.

As settlements occur much less frequent than probability updates and also contain all past markets, they are delivered in a separate stream. However, they of course are delivered via BEDEX just like any other of our offerings.