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Where can I get information for URN mapping?

You can look up the URNs using the GET /identifiers/lookup endpoint of the Fixtures Service. You will find more info on connecting live data to Fixtures API in this article.

Why the messages I receive are so old?

The outbox queue is configured to hold messages for up to 30 minutes. If your consumer is not consuming fast enough, the messages can pile up. The solution to this is consuming messages faster.

If you want to get to the head of the queue as fast as possible, you can also purge the queue. Note however that this means throwing away all data in the queue.

What kind of message volume should I expect for Live Data?

This depends on the current number of ongoing matches. Below are average numbers per match. Note however that these numbers are averages over 5 minutes and there can be spikes of tens of messages per second. In rare cases the spikes may exceed a hundred messages per second.

offeravg throughput
lol/riot/*2-3 msg/s
csgo/prodb/*4-8 msg/s
csgo/carp/*3-5 msg/s
dota2/carp/*2-4 msg/s

Additionally, if you are receiving replay/* data (i.e. training-wheels) they will arrive in bulk 3-5000 messages in a few seconds. It's important to be ready for this.