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Bayes Video for Bettors

Bayes Video for Bettors (BVB) allows embedding video streams from Bayes Video into your website.

How does it work?

BVB overviewBVB overview

BVB provides video streams for customers in HLS format. To play the stream, you will need to use Bayes Web Player, designed by our team to play HLS streams from Bayes Video.

Bayes Web Player is an embeddable JS component. To initialize it, you only need to supply it with the stream link. The player will query the HLS playlist for the live stream from the Bayes Video API, and receive the video fragments from Bayes CDN.

The stream link is generated for each viewing user, so the website's backend will have to query it from the Bayes Video API before the page is rendered. You can also use Bayes Video API to discover live and upcoming matches for streams which will be available.

Note: embedded video-streams will always have a constant delay, compared to the live game.