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How do I get started, is there a demo application?

Currently, we do not have a demo application. We have plans to implement an SDK to make the integration process easier. At the moment, a quick way to get started would be using this Python script: RabbitMQ consumer that logs to console and file · GitHub

Why can't I connect to a queue, or getting connection timeouts?

  1. Make sure that you're using ssl=True with port=5671. We have TLS enabled and the unencrypted AMQP connection over the default port 5672 will not work.
  2. If you have not done it yet, send us your IP so that we could add it to the allow list of our firewall. If your connection is waiting on SYN_SENT (you can use netstat -an | grep SYN_SENT to check for this) then that IP is not present in the firewall's allow list. Please contact us.

Why am I getting 403, ACCESS_REFUSED error?

This is likely due to the client misconfiguration with queue/exchange declare=True. Clients do not have permissions to declare. They can only read from their queues and write to their exchanges respectively.

Why do I keep disconnecting?

Disconnecting once every 60s is expected behavior with idle connections being terminated. If you want to avoid this and stay connected even when idle, you can configure your client to negotiate a heartbeat (of say 30s) with RabbitMQ server.

Note however that disconnects can always happen, and your client should have reconnect logic (with some backoff). Many libraries have this capability by default.

Is there a way to monitor the backlog of queue?

No there isn't. We recommend separate consume and process workers to be able to get messages as soon as they're available on the queue.

Why am I getting 4xx and 5xx Errors?

Certain errors (see above for 403) can be due to configuration on the client or server, feel free to contact us about these. RabbitMQ Constants Reference: AMQP 0-9-1 Complete Reference Guide — RabbitMQ