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How does it work?

First, select tournaments and odds providers for them with our Content Management Interface. Then these odds feeds are mixed and delivered to you through BEDEX, the Bayes message queue platform, via message broker RabbitMQ.

Detailed overviewDetailed overview

Detailed overview

Selecting Odds Feeds

Selection of odds feeds is done via Content Management Interface. The interface provides the ability to book upcoming tournaments from specific providers and to set provider preferences.

Delivery system — AMQP / RabbitMQ

Bayes Live Odds uses the RabbitMQ open-source message broker for external data communication. RabbitMQ is a mature and widespread technology with excellent support in any modern programming language. You won’t miss the messages if you are disconnected for short periods (for example during code deployment, or a brief network outage), while configured TTL makes sure that unattended queues won’t waste system resources.

Fixtures service

API documentation can be found in the Fixtures API docs.

Bayes Fixtures Service is a central registry of esports entities. Bayes customers can access it via the Fixtures API. Use Fixtures API to get, list and search esports entities.

📝 Esports entities

A player, a match, a tournament are esports entities. In contrast, a player's inventory contents or location coordinates at a specific time during a match are not esports entities, these are considered Live Data.

Esports entities can change: a tournament can be rescheduled, players can change their names, a match can finish and the winning team is announced. Bayes monitors these changes and updates the data in our Fixtures Service promptly. Many Bayes products and services depend on fixtures so it is important for us to keep all fixtures up to date.

Often it is convenient for our customers to store fixtures in their systems for fast access.