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Frequently Asked Questions

Which game titles and markets are currently supported?
League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Dota, Valorant, Rocket League, and FIFA are fully covered. We have an agreement signed to cover more titles. A list of the currently supported markets can be found here: Markets List.
What features and functions are included in the software package?
Along with access to odds data from multiple specialised esports data providers, you also get access to a responsive, easy-to-use web UI to select odds feeds, track upcoming events, and more.
Where can I find examples of Bayes Live Odds data?
This page provides details about the data format: Bayes Live Odds Message Format. For a data example from a real gaming match, check out the Data Dump.
Do you provide changes in betting odds in line with money pooled into the bet?
Our providers do balance markets based on the amount of money pooled into bets, but we don't provide the functionality to do so through Bayes Live Odds. However, when the markets are adjusted by the provider, it is immediately reflected in the feed you receive from us.
Can I specify which provider I receive data from?
Yes! Bayes Live Odds allows you to set a hierarchy of preferred providers per game.
Where can I get fixtures data?
Bayes maintains a Fixtures API which can be used to supplement odds data.
How much does Bayes Live Odds cost? What is the pricing model?
Please contact us to inquire about pricing.
What is the process for resolving technical issues?
We have a support team available 24/7 available on live chat and email.