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API Endpoints

In addition to the main Bayes Live Match Predictions stream, we also offer pre-match data via API. For example, the endpoints below can provide skill rating comparisons between two teams or rankings of teams or a full set of pre-match probabilities. Access to these is independent from the main Bayes Live Match Predictions stream and the markets offered as well as the team-ids used are in line with the other Bayes services.

The base endpoint is

Prematch Probability API — get a prematch prediction per team for all markets

Duel API — get probability that Team A will beat Team B on a single map or in a series

Ranking API — get an ordered list of selected teams ranked by strength for a chosen date

Team Rating History API — get a normalised indicator of team strength development for a set of chosen dates

📝 Notes

  • These endpoints have no rate limits. We respectfully ask you to use them with care.
  • Data is updated hourly, but delays are possible due to tournament organisers updating match results.