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Tower Coordinates

League of Legends features structures called turrets that both teams use to protect the territory the own. Teams must destroy the opposing team's turrets to advance into enemy territory. Each team has 11 turrets for Summoner's Rift and four turrets for Howling Abyss.

About Towers in a nutshell

In League of Legends turrets (also called towers) are stong fortifications that provide heavy firepower and great field of view of the enemy. Turrets are a core component of League of Legends and their qualities allow the home team to better control the battlefield before them.

Turrets attack enemy units on sight, targeting one unit at a time and inflict heavy damage. Towers offer the home team protection but they are not impervious to damage. Some towers have additional protection, called plates, but this protection disappears 14 minutes into the game together with any benefits they accrued during this time.

Types of towers

Towers exists as Outer, Inner, Inhibitor and Nexus turrets.

Inhibitor and Nexus turrets are able to recover from damage up to a maximum that depends on their current health. A tower that has already suffered significant damage will not be recover to 100%, only partially. Nexus turrets recover at twice the rate of the Inhibitor types.

The following are the coordinates of the towers, including Inhibitor and Nexus turrets, for teams Blue & Red.

TurretsOn mapTeam Red CoordinatesTeam Blue Coordinates
Top Outer TowerTop T14318, 13875981, 10441
Top Inner TowerTop T27943, 134111512, 6699
Top Base TowerTop T310481, 136501169, 4287
Top Nexus TowerTop Nexus Tower12611, 130841748, 2270
Middle Outer TowerMid T18955, 85105846, 6396
Middle Inner TowerMid T29767, 101135048, 4812
Middle Base TowerMid T311134, 112073651, 3696
Bottom T1 TowerBot T113866, 450510504, 1029
Bottom T2 TowerBot T213327, 82266919, 1483
Bottom T3 TowerBot T313624, 105724281, 1253
Bottom Nexus TowerBot Nexus Tower13052, 126122177, 1807
Top InhibitorTop Inhibitor11261, 136591169, 3573
Middle InhibitorMid Inhibitor11603, 116673203, 3208
Bottom InhibitorBot Inhibitor13598, 113163454, 1241