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What if I can’t log into my account?

Make sure you are using the correct username and password combination. If that does not work, try to reset your password.

What if I get a 403 when trying to access the data?

Reach out to us at

What if I can’t see data for the League I want?

We work with Riot to make sure that we are providing the widest possible array of Leagues and tournaments. Some Leagues are still missing, those include LPL. We will notify everyone as soon as they become available.

What if I need an additional data point?

Bayes passes on all requests for additional data points to Riot. To upvote currently existing feature requests, please go here. To submit a new request, email us on

Why my scrim games are not showing up in the interface?

Ensure that:

  • All your games start with the ‘scrim’ prefix.
  • At least 3 players in your team have their lgn starting with ‘TEAMTRICODE’ followed by space.

If the games are still not showing up, reach out to us on

Why do the scrim games not have team and player IDs attached to the messages?

Since players on teams change all the time, mapping the players to a unique entity would require manual efforts. We currently do not have the resources to perform this for all the scrim games.

Who gets access to what scrim data?

Only teams that participate in the scrim get access to the data. As academy teams of the same organization often use the same name prefix as their main team, the data will be available for both, the main roster and the academy team.