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The word "scrim", short for "scrimmage", in esports is a practice match between two teams. In this setting a pro or competitive team will play against another pro or competitive team to test strategies, different ideas before an official match. It is an opportunity for teams to come together and learn what fits and what does not work.

📝 Note

This service delivers very sensitive and confidential data. Access is given on a case by case basis and only after careful consideration.

The scrim section provides in-game granular data for your scrim games. Scrim data files follow the Bayes Live Data Message data format.

You can access scrim data via Web UI or via REST API. Here is the Scrim API reference.

Web UI

A web UI is available for signed-in users. When you first open this page you will see the most recent games available for downloading. Use filters at the top of the page to filter the results.

Scrim Data SectionScrim Data Section

Filtering results

By platform ID — if you know the platform ID of the specific game or match you want to download, enter it in the smart search field and get the results you are looking for.

Date from/ Date until — Use these two separate filters to sort matches from a particular start or end date.

Team — Use this filter to search for matches by entering the team name.

Downloading data

Click the match that you want to download. You will see two download options for each game in the match:

  • Separated is a zip-archive containing separate JSONs for each game message.
  • Compressed is a zip-archive with just one huge JSON, containing all game messages.
  • Details is a JSON-file containing detailed timeline information about events that happened in the game.
  • ROFL is a game replay file which you can view with your League of Legends game client.
  • Summary is a JSON-file containing team and player stats for this game.

Documentation and full reference for the data format of the downloaded messages are available in the Bayes Data Format and EMH Data Format section.