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The Bayes League of Legends Esports Data Portal provides a service to find and download data files for League of Legends games. The Data Portal is split into three sections, each providing specific types of data files:

Creating an Account

Only logged in users can access Bayes data services. For security reasons, account creation process is currently manual only: send a message to and we will create a user account for you. Once the account has been created, you can visit the Bayes League of Legends Esports Data Portal to reset your password and log in. See our first-time login guide.

Accessing Data Portal

There are two ways to access the portal:

  • Through the WEB UI — a graphical solution for those who don't need a fully automated integration. Great for exploring and downloading specific files.
  • Through the REST API – direct access through our REST API allowing for full integration with the Data Portal, bulk download and automated processing of the data.