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Participating in Scrim Data

The League of Legends scrim data service provides teams access to detailed data events of their scrim games, played on Riotโ€™s tournament realm. The depth of this data allows teams to form a deep understanding of everything that happened in their scrim.

Scrim data is highly confidential and keeping it safe is our highest priority. The Scrim API permissions system ensures that only the team members have access to their team's games.

How to participateโ€‹

For basic access to the data, teams or team members need to contact Bayes. Reach out directly to and we will set up accounts for you and your team members. Since scrim data is very sensitive, we have to verify each access request with the contact person on the team side.

After the verification, you will receive your account.

Game setupโ€‹

You need to follow the scrim naming conventions when creating lobbies. The scrim service detects games and teams by lobby names and player names.

๐Ÿ“ Note

Not following the naming conventions may lead to the loss of game data.

Lobby name for your scrim should always start with scrim| e.g. scrim|game1abc. Anything after scrim| is optional.

The service reads from the official player roster via the esports API to identify which teams are scrimming and who is allowed to access the data. In the likelihood that the service fails to read from the player roster then team tricodes are used as a fallback option to identify the teams. To ensure that we can connect the match to the right team, players need to use the correct team code abbreviations in their summoner names. The scrim will be assigned to the team that the majority of players belong to.

Consider the following example:

ABC Player1AAA Player6
ABC Player2AAA Player7
XYZ Player3AAA Player8
XYZ Player4Player9
XYZ Player5CCC Player10

This scrim data will be available for the teams XYZ and AAA.

๐Ÿ“ Note

At least three players on one side should have your team code otherwise the game will not be assigned to your team.

If players are part of multiple teams at the same time, we will not be able to determine the correct team, since both teams look correct and the result will be one of the matching teams.

We get team codes directly from Riotโ€™s Esports API. There may be inconsistencies in team to game association if teams use different codes in-game, e.g. academy teams might use the codes of their non-academy teams.

๐Ÿ“ Important

Always check that all players have the correct team codes, especially if the team had recently changed them. If a player's account was not created through the appropriate Riot tooling, their summoner's name will not update automatically. Changing the name manually may fix the match to team assignment, but in any case get in touch with Riot to fix the player's esports integration.

If data processing was successful, scrim data will be available for download within 15 minutes after the game is completed. However, please note that for longer games, historical data availability might take a bit more time. If a game was cut short and did not end with the nexus being destroyed, certain data at the end of the game may be missing. In this case, expect processing to take longer than 15 minutes before the data is available.