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Markets Information

Bayes Live Odds provides you access to key markets which account for ~95% of betting turnover, as well as to a wide range of additional proposition markets (props).

Key markets

Match (Fixture) WinnerThe simplest and most common kind of bet, a Match (Fixture) Winner allows bets to be made on a team to win a match
Map WinnerThis is an in-play bet you can make on a team to win a map in a match.
Map HandicapHandicap, also referred to as the 'spread', involves giving one team a virtual map deficit (a handicap) to overcome at the start of a game.

In a best-of-three match for CS:GO match between two teams, an odds provider believes Team A is the underdogs so assigns a +3.5 round handicap for the first match. This gives Team A a 3.5-round advantage on a map so you decide to place a bet. To win the bet, Team A needs to win at least 13 rounds (in the first to 16 scenarios) in the match. Put simply, Team A cannot lose by more than four rounds for you to win the bet.

Alternatively, an odds provider believes Team B is stronger than their opponents so assigns this team a -3.5 round handicap for the first match. This gives Team B a 3.5-round disadvantage on a map. If you decide to place a bet, Team B must win by at least 16-12 or by a larger margin for you to win.
Simply, Team B needs to win by four rounds or more for you to win the bet.

Proposition markets (props)

Prop markets – also known as proposition bets – are betting markets beyond the standard ones. Prop bets focus on segmented parts of a game, such as individual team or player performances as well as specific in-game events and happenings during the game.

Match marketsBetting on a specific outcome of a match.

“Exact score of the match (in maps)”
Map marketsBetting on a specific outcome of a map

“Number of towers destroyed in on a map by both teams”
Team marketsBetting on a a team stats for a game

“Kills Total for Team B to be over 32.5”
Player marketsBetting on an individual player’s stats for a game, also known as player props

“Player X will have 20 or more kills”
Flash marketsBetting on specific in-game events and outcomes

“Which team will kill the next dragon?”

Market Naming

Bayes Odds Feed markets will be uniquely identified by the combination of two data fields:

  • market_name
  • market_type


A naming convention for Bayes Odds Feed markets will adhere to the following pattern:



Each market falls into one of the following categories:

Market typeDescription
2wayMarket with two possible outcomes, often win or lose

”Team A will win the first map”
3wayMarket with three possible outcomes, often win or lose or draw
exactBet on the exact value of some game parameter.

”There will be 20 rounds in CS:GO match”
yesnoBet on a game parameter being True/False.

”There will be a rampage in DotA game”
overunderBet on some game parameter being over or under the specified value.

”The number of rounds in CS:GO match will be under 25”
oddevenBet on some game value being an odd or an even number.

”The number of maps played in the final of DotA match will be odd”

Market outcomes

Each outcome in a market represents a result of the event that the market stands for. The odds of an outcome reflect the perceived likelihood of that outcome.

Each OddsUpdateMessage contains a list of markets in the markets field. Each of these markets then contains a list of outcomes in the outcomes field. Each outcome has the following structure:

outcomethe outcome nameString
decimalOddthe odds of the outcome in decimal formatFloat
tradingStatusthe trading status of the outcomeString
wonthe result of the outcome (True or False)Boolean

Trading status

An outcome can have one of five trading statuses that indicate whether bets can be made, are no longer allowed, should be paid out or betting has been paused. Each market can have outcomes that have different trading statuses. Imagine an exact score market in a match with a score of 2:0. All outcomes for scores that are not possible anymore (like 0:0, 0:1, 1:1, 1:2,...) should not be bettable on while score outcomes that are still possible (2:0, 2:1:, 3:0,...) can be bet on.

Trading statusesTrading statuses

Trading statusDescription
openThe market is currently open for bets
closedThe market is now closed, no more bets should be accepted
settledThe market outcome is known (e.g. which team won the first match) and bets should be paid out if the won field of the outcome is set to True
suspendedBetting is temporarily paused and the odds are temporarily frozen.
Possible reasons for a market suspension include:

the probability for a market outcome to happen is very high or very low
there are integrity concerns, the market is suspended and pending investigation
* traders decide to manually pause trading for some other reason
cancelledThe market outcome is cancelled, all bets should be refunded.
Possible reasons for cancellation include:

a match is cancelled or interrupted
a player expected to appear in the match did not play
the map was not played (e.g. map 3 of a best-of-3 match)
in some markets the bettors are refunded on specific events (e.g. in Draw No Bet markets when a draw occurs)